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Welcome to Profound Orthodontics, the premier destination for exceptional orthodontic care in Bloomfield Hills and beyond, including areas like Keego Harbor, Bingham Farms, and Northville. Under the expert guidance of our renowned doctor, we specialize in crafting smiles that radiate confidence. Braces, a quintessential orthodontic solution, have transformed countless smiles, and we are proud to be the trusted choice in the Bloomfield Hills community and its neighboring regions.

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Discovering the Right Braces for You

Our clinic proudly offers a choice between the time-tested metal braces and the contemporary clear braces, ensuring treatments tailored to individual preferences.

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Metal Braces

Metal braces have set benchmarks in orthodontic care over the years, known predominantly for their resilience and reliability. Contemporary versions of these braces are not just about functionality; they promise aesthetics and comfort, ensuring patients wear them with confidence. The evolved designs prioritize patient comfort and swift alignment correction, making them an apt choice even today.

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Clear Braces

Subtlety takes center stage with clear braces. Crafted from transparent ceramic, they maintain a low profile, ensuring the focus remains on your smile, not the treatment. While they mirror the function of metal braces, their cosmetic advantage makes them a hit, especially among discerning teens and adults.

Your Orthodontic Expedition with Us

From an in-depth free consultation to crafting a customized treatment strategy, our team is committed to making your orthodontic experience exceptional. We're with you at every pivotal moment, guiding, supporting, and celebrating each milestone on your journey towards a radiant smile.

invisalign bingham farms
invisalign bingham farms

Your Smile Journey Awaits

Your orthodontic needs are our top priority. Regardless of your chosen path to a perfect smile, rest assured, you'll receive unparalleled care and attention. Eager to embark on a transformative dental journey? Reach out to begin. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation!